Since 1970s , we have been consistently providing top notch services as a locally assembling company. Starting off as a small family business. The late founder, Mr. C.S Chong mainly reconditioned used batteries from the backyard.

Over the years, the company had gradually grown and expanded. In line with the rapid changes in the battery industry. As such, we never stop learning, innovating technical experiences obtained from the battery market. The business has evolved after and hence passed on to the next generation.

At Pro Tec Storage Energy, we believe in up holding the values and visions of our belated founder and at the same time we strive not only to maintain the business continuity, but also aspire to offer better products and services to all vendors, dealers, and direct customers.

Our Goal

To be known as innovative battery producer who offer great value products and solutions that exceed customers’ expectation through the accelerated evolution of process, technologies and a dynamic work team with vast technical know-hows and experiences.

Our Mission

To listen, observe and improvise our products, services and company strategies in order to be consistent in reliable products and after sales support within the battery industry.
We are committed to conduct our business with fairly, lawfully and honestly to all customers and suppliers thus to maintain good reputation and trustworthiness in both purchaser and vendor stand point.

Our Passions

Our logo, a leaping bull, resembles vitality, toughness, power and advancement. It serves as a reminder to consistently deliver and encourage the development of new ideas, technologies, products and services through every learning regardless of any challenge that lies ahead.


Each day, tons of trashes are dumped on the earth. Many of those are harmful chemicals, toxics and biohazardous substances that eventually pollute our water source and clean air. By reducing the risk of environmental impact, we strongly support recycling all the used batteries with proper handling and disposal procedure 

Furthermore, we’re fully committed in conserving natural resources. This transpired all the way beginning from our streamlined product packaging by reducing unnecessary wastage that revolves around the concept of “less is more”.  

In addition, by making a longer lifespan product that out last the market norm, we believe it will exponentially reduce the frequency of battery replacement, and hence reduce the numbers of used batteries’ wastedisposed into the environment 

For instance, if a battery could double the usage duration of a normal battery from 12 months to 24 months, the frequency of needing to replace the battery will reduced by 50%  from 2 units per every 2 years to 1 unit per every 2 years by increasing 20 to 30 percent of material inside. Although the cost may be relatively higher, it is more cost effective with the product value.  That also means we are lowering the number of trashes to be thrown. 

With all these initiatives and efforts, mother nature benefit should the rate of disposing used battery has been reduced by halve, and unnecessary wastage is conserved.  The importance in securing a safe and healthier environment with clean air and water for our children’s children, and generations to come, has far greater value beyond what money can buy, which is truly, priceless. 

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